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Charter School Legislation - 2017 





HB584 Sponsors: Rep. Kenneth Weyler (r), Sen. John Reagan (r), Rep. Richard Hinch (r), Rep. Rick Ladd (r), Rep. Glenn Cordelli (r), Rep. Gregory Hill (r), Sen. Bob Giuda (r). Relative to chartered public school funding.

In House Education


HB419 Sponsors: Rep.Kenneth Weyler (r), Sen. John Reagan (r), Rep.Rick Ladd (r), Rep.Glenn Cordelli (r), Sen. Kevin Avard (r), Rep. Carl Seidel (r).

This bill requires the annual refund of the pro rata share of property taxes paid by a chartered public school pursuant to a lease of property from a non-exempt owner.
In House Municipal and County Government


HB505 Sponsors: Rep. Glenn Cordelli (r), Sen. John Reagan (r), Rep. Kenneth Weyler (r), Rep. Rick Ladd (r), Rep. Victoria Sullivan (r), Sen. Kevin Avard (r).

This bill establishes an independent chartered public school commission with the authority to grant charters to applicants.  The bill also makes changes to the chartered public school statute relating to who may apply for a charter. In House Education


HB113 Sponsors: Rep.Timothy Horrigan (d).

This bill deletes a provision which prohibits the state board of education from denying a chartered public school application based on lack of state funding. 

In House Education  Oppose

HB125 Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Horrigan (d).

This bill provides that a member of a chartered public school board of trustees shall be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the council. 

In House Executive Departments and Administration  Oppose

HB147 Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Horrigan (d).

This bill requires chartered public schools to comply with the laws applicable to public schools. 

In House Education  Oppose

HB148 Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Horrigan (d), Rep. Mel Myler (d).

This bill changes the qualifications required for chartered public school teachers. In House Education  Oppose

HB293 Sponsors: Rep. Timothy Horrigan (d), Rep. Mary Gile (d), Rep. Marjorie Porter (d), Rep. Mel Myler (d).

This bill makes changes to the educational mission requirement of a chartered public school application. In House Education  Oppose
HB341 Sponsors:Rep. Timothy Horrigan (d).

This bill repeals the local option to reduce the taxes attributable to a chartered public school facility renting or leasing its building or facilities from a property owner which is not exempt from property taxes. 

In House Education  Oppose

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